The little tree and its one plum

There was once a little plum tree that grew on the side of a rocky mountain. It was small because its roots had little soil to grow into and as the wind and sun were very strong where it stood, its branches could support only a thin cover of leaves.

Still, every year when it was time to bear fruit, the little plum tree produced its best possible plum and due to its difficult conditions it could only manage to make one.

This one plum, although it was not very large or juicy took all the little tree’s energy to create. When it finally was ripe and ready to be eaten, the plum dropped to the ground and rotted because the tree was so isolated that not even birds knew of its existence.

This situation didn’t stop the tree from producing one plum at a time, each year and every following year. Each time it would muster all of its strength to create one new plum that would again just fall to the ground.

The strange thing was that every year its one plum was larger, juicier and richer in colour than the year before, as the fruit that fell had the effect of fertilizing the soil. So each new year the tree would grow a little stronger and a little more capable to make it’s fruit.

One day when its one plum was ripe, a small boy picked it before it fell. The boy ate the fruit and sat by the tree for some time before leaving. When the boy arrived home, his parents were so happy to see him, for all that day they searched for him since he left earlier that morning. The boy told his parents that he walked to the nearby forest and lost his way, so he decided to climb the nearest mountain to see the path home again.

But after walking all day without any food or drink, he fell dizzy and exhausted by the side of that mountain. He cried and prayed to God to help him find his way home. It was then he felt guided by a feeling to look up, and he found a ripe plum at arms reach, which he picked and ate. It tasted so delicious and sweet, unlike any plum he’d ever eaten. After eating and sitting for a while, he gained strength enough to stand and then could see the path home.

Since then, many visited that little plum tree, having heard the story of its delicious and life saving fruit. Each visitor that came also tended the tree in some way too. Some watered it, others would bring it soil and many just sat by it remembering the story of this little plum tree that saved the boy.

That year and each year after that, as the little plum tree had more than enough water, nutrients and soil, it bore not one but an abundance of delicious fruit that many would travel from a far to taste. And as the taste of its fruit was renowned, never again did one plum fall to the ground, but rather every plum was enjoyed and eaten by so many people.

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