Comparing God’s boundaries to ours

I wrote a post about boxes and how much of modern life is about moving from one box to another or working on boxes in boxes but I then thought that the reason we love boxing ourselves in so much has got more to do with boundaries. We’re always classifying and dissecting to help identify one thing from another but sometimes it’s about control, like when we want only some people to be in and others to be out for instance. Those are the sort of boundaries based on fear.

So, its got to be different when we think about the boundaries God seems to have made, considering God is not afraid of anyone and doesn’t desire to separate herself from us at all, in fact the opposite I feel is true.

God has not built any fences unlike us but there are natural boundaries all over the universe however, unlike many of ours, they are not enforced by external means, like the fence but are internally governed by us. What I mean is that our condition determines just how many boundaries we can cross and so God’s boundaries don’t determine our condition, we do that. So God doesn’t enforce or impose conditions on us, like we often go about doing on others.

Anyway, I was thinking about an analogy to describe this and thought about a mountain. Imagine we all live on this mountain and here we had the ability to either be more physically fit or less so, and that was based on whatever choices we made for ourselves like what we ate or how much we exercised. So, if we were in a better physical condition, we’d automatically be comfortable in higher altitudes where the breathable air was comparably thinner than on the ground. So our physical condition would determine just how much we’d be comfortable up the mountain. Simply then, those with a lower physical condition would have a natural boundary lower than those with a better physical condition.

That analogy works well because it appears to work a similar way with soul condition. But I’m a bit lost in that part right now, and so will write more later on that connection, when I feel right.

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