Domes I imagine work well for housing

So I’m a suit, dressed in corporate uniform living within a sequence of boxes. Once I told Maja, my wife that much of my work life was about boxes. I leave a box (home), then get into a box (train carriage), then arrive at a bigger box (work building), from where I spend my time in a smaller box (work space cubicle), looking at a box (screen), while I re-arrange boxes to look good (web design) by pressing a series of finger sized boxes (keyboard) etc. etc. And yes, I’m now typing this on a little box (mobile)! To which she said that’s exactly what she does at home because between taking care of the needs of our little toddler girl, she finds herself stuck between two boxes (the washing machine and clothes dryer) for a big chunk of her day!

What is it with humans and boxes? We definitely have a thing for them. And we can’t seem to get enough of them, you know televisions, computers, mobiles, cars and so on and so forth, there’s just too many to keep naming, I’d just start boring you but I think you get the picture. It is strange when you think that at the same time we want to get out of them, we don’t want to be boxed in, we like ideas out of the box and all that, so what’s going on?

It’s all somewhat of an illusion when you think about it. Take for example the idea of the four corners of the world, the world is a sphere for God sake, there’s no corners! And directions, we have our north, east, south and west, but there’s not just one of them mind you, there’s one of each – there’s a true north then there’s magnetic north for example and no they are not the same. Again, yes it’s a sphere folks, a sphere floating in space, you can dissect it any which way you want but in reality there’s no top or bottom, or side anywhere on it. All that is just our making, done for our convenience, but it’s not real.

Ok, no, I’m not going to get into a dialogue about the nature of reality, and how reality is whatever we make it. Let’s just say all our thinking from being inside our boxes in a flattened concept of the world has not yet succeeded in making the earth sphere anything but a sphere.

Now when I ponder that, that’s one thing God seems to make a lot of.


The earth is a sphere, the stars are spheres, the galaxies revolve in a spherical fashion and then at the micro level, we have cells in spheres, and atoms hold themselves in spherical structures. On top of that what I’ve heard about the spirit world is that it is defined by spheres too, spheres that are distinguished by bands or degrees of love. A google search for “Jesus divine truth secrets of the universe” might bring up the video source of that information on where I got that idea from.

Anyway, what seems to be the case is we started creating all these box like things, concepts and ways of thinking for ourselves in contrast to the spherical nature of the universe far preexistent of us. You’d think then that if everything around us was spherical in nature and that those type of structures are the basis of who we all are, then designing our things, our concepts, our ways of thinking from that basis to begin with, would not just be smarter, but we’d all be much better off.

Domes I imagine work well for housing.

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