I feel kind of lucky

Its sort of culturally acceptable to complain but not often it’s encouraged that we look at what’s good in our lives. I just thought about how many good things are in my life right now and wondered why I don’t like saying it, even to myself.

I guess I feel like somehow they’ll go away if I speak of them, like voodoo magic or something. In reality, I find it really hard to accept good things, as if I don’t really deserve them.

Like today, I was told to send a shopping list over for what I wanted for a work set up. Basically I can get a Mac laptop and a thunderbolt widescreen display, which will really make the graphics work process nice and smooth, so I went to the apple store to see what was on offer. I had a selection of minimum to best on a few items and although I thought, I’d like the best, I couldn’t select it. I would only allow myself to go a few steps above minimum at best and it’s not even my money!!

Anyhow, it will be really cool to have the new gear to work on nevertheless.

So here’s a list in no particular order of the things that I’m really amazed at in my life right now:

  • A beautiful wife, who I have a big hunch is my soul mate, I love hanging out with her and I love everything about her
  • An incredible little girl, who is a real angel in every way
  • A job that’s really interesting, where I’m designing a Facebook style intranet and where people seem to value my experience and contribution
  • I seem to be getting a closer feeling for God, and well He / She is the creator of everything, so that’s pretty amazing to say the least
  • I’ve got family and friends around me that seem to like me, so that’s lucky and well if Im right, one of my mates is Jesus, I’d never had guessed that one

So yes, there’s some mud on my path right now, no denying that but overall today, or let’s say right now, I feel kind of lucky.

5 thoughts on “I feel kind of lucky

  1. Sin Alma

    “An incredible little girl, who is a real angel in every way”… –> now a follow-up post + grey hair count in about 12-14 years XD XD..

      1. David Wall Post author

        Hmm I didn’t even finish my comment. She’d be still incredible in my books as a rebellious teen. I think you’re cool too!

      2. David Wall Post author

        Yeah, I wouldn’t mind at the very least people would keep bath salts in the bath and out of their mouths.

        Seriously, though I know what you mean, an earthship and living self sustainably in modern comfort away from civilization would be a pleasant way to ride it out. But not an option for me right now. Time to sleep, hopefully no zombie chasing me dreams tonight!

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