What is true spirituality?

Pseudo spirituality?

I did my homework on the train before getting to the seminar Jesus and Mary were giving. It was about what I would call true spirituality as opposed to pseudo spirituality. These were my points on what that would be.

  • It would encompass every part of a person’s life, every moment and every place they are
  • It would continually encourage a person to grow and become better at his or her natural gifts and be able to increasingly pick up new gifts and passions as well
  • it would make a person equally grow in love, and that love would be demonstrated by things like care and love for a person’s full self and equally for every other individual irrespective of whether those individuals will ever give anything back in return.
  • it would practice and teach love not as a concept but a way of doing or a way of being in absolutely everything
  • it wouldn’t compromise on truth but encourage continual investigation and re-evaluation of truth, in that it has no investment in concepts or practices to define itself, and so it would never be required to be defended
  • it wouldn’t be caught up on language or principles or rules as it primarily would recognize that these are only tools to guide us, so it instead would place emphasis in developing our ability to sense truth via our feelings and so would always attempt to confront what it is in us that damages our ability to feel the truth or about what is a loving action or not in any situation
  • it would place a personal relationship with our creator as the most important thing because it sees that God wants to help us grow personally, grow in real love and grow in freedom / or grow in our ability to exercise our will in a loving way
  • it would be simple and accessible to understand for all people, all cultures, all age groups etc
  • it would not rely on any other person to be, in fact it could be practiced by no one and still exist just as and because God exists independently from anything else
  • it would make people happy, joyous, enthusiastic, and have a child like wonder and curiosity
  • it would never have an end goal or final accomplishment like enlightenment for instance as it would be all about growing continuously
  • it would place collective growth as just as important as personal growth in that it would seek to grow with others and assist others to grow as opposed developing despite others or wanting to leave others behind to be better than others
  • it would place every single person on the same level as every other person, in that it would not rate a person as better or worse because of his or her development, understanding or what a person has or has not done.
  • it would always open it’s doors, allow people to make mistakes and practice real forgiveness but at the same time not bend and compromise just to be inclusive. ie wouldnt continually enable a person to make the same mistakes over and over again
  • in the end it wouldn’t be a religion or movement or anything with a name because it would be a way of living, a way of being, a way of thinking / feeling, a way of doing everything all day and night and on all places, or dimensions etc.

Most of these things were raised and many others too. So I found it really interesting and couldn’t help wanting to participate, so I keep asking for the mic to speak, I felt like too much but I couldn’t curb my enthusiasm. Well that would be interesting to see myself on camera 🙂

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