Oh yes, my shit stinks

I started at the new job today. It’s a big insurance company and I’m working on the intranet design, which has no moral objections for me that might appear in an ad agency and that was somewhat a determining factor in choosing between this and the current job because the agency job might on some occasions be questionable in my understanding of things so far. The other factor was money too (to be honest).

For example, I don’t know how I’d feel directly creating promotions for a caged chicken farming joint. I did recently build an intranet for one though, so there’s obviously a gray area we could philosophize about, I’m sure. Of course there’s gray areas any which way you look at things when you go into a philosophical argument on any particular matter, that’s why postmodernism is so appealing – if you feel bad about something there’s always a good argument to jump around things. It’s the philosophy of choice for the axe murderer 🙂

Seriously though, I used that approach before, justifying hurting others by saying to myself that it’s just one aspect of reality, it’s just one aspect of one’s experience and everything can’t be judged on objective terms because there’s only perspectives – no real truth. So how can I judge one perspective to be more superior than another, wouldn’t doing so be casting my moral standards which are just a product of my experience over another’s and wouldn’t that just be arrogant of me to say my experience is better? And if that’s the case, couldn’t then any stance be valid and able to be justifiably experienced by others as well as myself? So every experience in the infinite spectrum of possible experiences is valid and is essentially a God given right for me to experience whatever I chose to, irrespective of the pain this causes others or myself, given that pain is just an experience too, right? Convenient, hey?

The funny thing is when I used that well packaged model of doing things, I did it to justify what I felt was not quite right and interestingly I generally felt life to be more painful. I even wrote a poem once, when I was nineteen or so, saying that pain is a guide to objective truth, and it was something I didn’t subsequently follow. You could say instead of objective truth. ultimate truth or God’s truth if you consider that God was the one who created this system with a whole bunch of ways for us to learn about objective truth, or maybe best to say feel the objective truth on any matter – what might be called being sensitive to the given situation and knowing without a doubt the best course of action for ourselves and others around us, without even a thought needed in the decision process. Pain then would be one of the final check and balance points to show us just how far we sway from objective truth. But that’s if all else fails, because our first sense is sensitivity and the next in this model might be an ability to interpret the signs around us, or the events we attract in our lives and the final (if all else fails) is pain. Well, at least if you’re a proponent of postmodernism that’s a valid point of view too. No arguments there.

There was some quote I saw on Facebook the other day that said just that about pain . By the way I’m way over those incessant positive affirmations that people post all the time, they are almost like junk posts to me now, like spam even. I just see them and scroll past, they’re kind of like personal advertisements for how great my thinking about the shit in my life is. It just looks like there’s a lot of people with shit in their lives all trying to convince each other that their shit somehow smells better than everyone else’s. And whoever’s the most convincing, becomes the guru worth giving money to.

Ok and with that disclaimer, there was that one quote about pain that rings a bell about being useful to me at the time, but I can’t even remember it right now. So might not have been that useful after all. But now I’m being just negative, oh yes, it’s objective truth – my shit stinks!

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