So you want to join the Masons?

I read a bit on the Masons and wrote something about that. It’s somewhat a conjecture on the plight of the Masons and other like secret societies. As a disclaimer I sometimes write as if I know things I don’t really know about fully and get told I’m preachy and arrogant. So if you get that sense just know I’m a work in progress and slowly getting through that one… Let’s hope 🙂

So disclaimer aside, here’s what I wrote (hopefully makes sense):

I’d only want to keep things secret for two reasons – fear of what would happen to me if I disclosed something others wouldn’t like, or wanting to hold power over others because I know something others don’t so I could manipulate and control them with that. The power thing comes from fear anyway because in me I must feel powerless to want this in the first place. But in any case it’s a misconstrued concept of power which believes that separating myself from the force which holds up all of existence, holds up even myself is going to ever give me real power or for that matter fearlessness or freedom or happiness etc. It’s the same principle of isolating myself within myself which we call suppression, all my power gets devoted to coping with what’s kind of an unnatural state at least a manufactured state of being so instead of healing myself I start drawing on others power via manipulating them etc to compensate for the lack of power I’ve created in myself.

So these Masons likely suffer that dilemma, hence their historical obsession with not only taking resources from other people but getting whatever’s offered by those with similar dysfunctional states on other planes. That’s why such groups do all manner of deeds because they are not only satiating their own misplaced desires but a whole assortment of even more misplaced desires of others who are in very poor conditions on other dimensions.

All the while though their own substance is being drained and their own energy can’t hold themselves up anymore and that’s why their own personal condition worsens too. So health problems, aging etc. escalates and again the only way to avoid that temporarily is further propping up by the energy of others seeking to use such people for their own means.

So rather than being in harmony with the source of all this, God and being in a state of giving which that place ensures, they get caught in an addictive state of taking from others which only perpetuates this unfortunate self made trap to the extent that the associated pain that such an existence endures gets too much to bear. So the self imposed suffering for many like this has to reach a point that can no longer be sustained without feeling the avoided grief which initiated the whole thing in the first place and thereby the healing that could have occurred a long time before if the fear state didn’t take the helm can actually begin.

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