God’s overflowing love for us

If the highest gift of life is love and if the highest possible life-form is that of God’s, then highest form of love must be the love from God.

If that is true, then God’s gift of love must always be on offer to us. This is because the most perfected love cannot in this sense be limited by conditions of when or where we may be loved. This means that God must fill our lives with ceaseless opportunities to receive His / Her love and does so at all times, in all places and in all conditions.

So if it is understood that the extent of love offered by God to us is by this definition – infinite, then the reception of that love can only be entirely determined by our willingness to receive it or more accurately, to what extent we feel deserving of infinite love.

If this is true, and many of us most of the time do not feel this type of love, then it follows that we must feel that we deserve very little to none of God’s love. If this is the case, then we cannot be open to receiving what we feel unable to receive. Conversely though, if God’s love never ceases to be offered to us, then it also follows that God believes we are not only deserving of but completely capable of receiving His infinite love at every moment.

So if the feelings in us determines whether or not we receive God’s love we can automatically confront these feelings by understanding that God feels we completely deserve His love right now. Then it may be possible to experience what it is in us that feels contrary to this. We may understand the reasons for this as twofold:

1) If we consider the idea that God exists, then God being the creator of us and all that is outside of us would by definition know us best. So if God offers Her love to us at every moment and knows us best then it follows that God must feel we deserve Her love and are fully capable of receiving Her love also at every moment.

2) If we consider that God created existence then God must be the most highest developed being in existence, as God cannot be less developed than anything she has created. Therefore God being the highest developed, cannot in principle create any other being that is non-deserving of Her love as everything she creates is a result of Her perfection. So as we are the results of perfection, we are to the same extent perfectly deserving of the most perfected form of love – God’s overflowing love for us.

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