The fisherman, the fish and the bait.

Being a fisherman he had a good idea where to catch fish, so he cast his lines in a few places and where he got most bites he stayed. In the meantime the fish began to stir.

They saw the lines and knew behind the bait was likely a hook hidden but with the bait begin almost irresistible to them, they took the bait almost every time. Instead of reflecting on this action, they argued amongst themselves about how to remove the fisherman in the most loving way possible according to God’s love. The problem was each fish had a different version of what God’s love was. This made them even more confused and in the confusion they became even more likely to bite the fisherman’s bait.

The fisherman being rewarded with baskets and baskets of fish now thought to himself two things. The first was that he was indeed a great fisherman. The second was this was a really good spot to catch fish. Not to mention it confirmed his belief even further that fish we’re not the brightest of God’s creatures.

God of course couldn’t agree knowing Herself first hand that each fish was crafted with eyes best to see the fisherman’s lines even in the darkest of nights. God also knew first hand that She made every fish with the sharpest of faculties for determining nourishment from a fisherman’s bait.

She was also well aware that it was only a matter of time for each fish to discover this for themselves and choose to feast on the abundance of nourishment provided for them instead of continuing to take the fisherman’s bait. She knew too that before long the fisherman was soon to realize he was too a fish who had been taking the bait of another fisherman for quite some time.

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