How to hold Divine Love

God always holds a gift out to us called love.

We scream and shout and jump up and down…

“I want it, I want it.. Why can’t I have it?”

God says…

“Here, take it with your hands, I made it just for you, all you have to do is drop those bags you carry called fear and doubt and you can hold my love for eternity”

2 thoughts on “How to hold Divine Love

    1. David Wall Post author

      I agree. But when you say “should” there’s already a condition on love, which means it’s motivated by how you expect others should be showing love to you. That’s not really unconditional though, so it’s not like God love.

      Because I’ve said to you I’d like to move forward to a new phase of our father / son relationship – through the process of mediation which will involve both you and mum, myself and Maja being open about our pains in an environment where we all have a say and that I don’t want a relationship of sweeping things under the carpet anymore – for me this is loving to you to myself and to Maja.

      While you’re unwilling to even try this, you have to wonder how willing you are to really love me unconditionally.


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