We are Artist’s Shit

There’s an artwork called “Artist’s Shit” basically shit in a tin can. The Tate or some gallery like that stored the work in the basement for years then one day the pressure built up in the cans and boom!

I read this and reminded me of that as a metaphor for control.

Control is fear around the issues of love. The more intense your control, the more frightened you are. The more frightened you are, the more arenas of your life you’ll feel the need to use your control or to play it out. Those who are “control freaks” are terrified, absolutely terrified of life. And your levels of control vary. Some people feel it so intensely they’ve got to control strangers. But most of you don’t feel that need, because, you see, with strangers love isn’t involved, so you aren’t afraid. You have different arenas in your life. Some of you have arenas of work, and you have arenas of play. You have arenas of your spiritual growth, certainly so. You have arenas of your body. Some of you feel an immense need to control your body, so afraid, so afraid that it isn’t good enough to be loved the way it is.


So like he said, we don’t fear so much losing control we’re afraid of what’s going to explode out when our control is gone. We’ll do anything to avoid this, so the pressure builds up in us and all our mechanisms to hold it in eventually give way – we’re just like these tins cans… All expanded out ready to pop. So then we put ourselves in a cool environment, thinking it’s going to delay things and well it does for a moment, then someone goes to touch us. “Go away” we scream, afraid they’ll move us and bring on the inevitable.

The sad thing is we spend so much effort putting off the inevitable and that we’re almost blind to how this only builds the pressure up more. On top of that all the laws in God’s creation are set up for us to heal ourselves by feeling ourselves truthfully – all those shit feelings have to be felt to be released and when we choose otherwise, we’ll attract things that help us to start feeling. Small things then bigger things then even bigger still. Energy in motion (e-motion) not in motion because of fear and all the methods of control that fear creates, our energy will find it’s way out in time. We can’t stop it but we could poke a few holes in our hardened exterior and help things along or wait for things to get really messy.

Artist’s Shit (Italian: “Merda d’artista”) is a 1961 artwork by the Italian artist Piero Manzoni.

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