Oh God the electricity is creating universes out of chaos!

God is the intelligent emotional being that created everything.

Many people rather say something like there’s no proof that God exists so best to put God into the box of things that we can never know. And if God is in that box, then it’s better not to make assumptions about what we can’t know.

But there is an assumption already made that God is unknowable or undetectable from the beginning. Then the argument goes on that it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about things we don’t know about… We first make an assumption then say it’s not good to make assumptions. How do we fool ourselves with that type of logic?

But aren’t I assuming that God exists too?

Yep – but how else can we begin?

Lets take the example of a cookie box that’s sitting above our eyes reach. We have to assume at least the possibility that we’ll find cookies in there first of all, then we’ll put our hands in the box and we might find some or we might not. But if we assumed that without doubt we’ll never be able to find cookies period, we wouldn’t be putting our hands in the box and we’ll never find any cookies period!

It’s illogical to make such sweeping assumptions. But we do it all the time because we are afraid of being singled out or being wrong or some other emotional hurdle that stops us investigating something no matter how important it may be for us.

Then the next step is to say because God doesn’t exist then everything we see around us was the product of at first nothing then from that nothing – randomness and somehow from that random chaotic mess that somehow came from nothing, we are now here. Strange that from all that disorder, we are talking about things in an orderly and some may even say even intelligent way. But there was no intelligience behind any of this. And that’s a scientific standpoint?

What do we see around us that comes from nothing?


I’m writing on this computer. I don’t necessarily know all the people that made it but imagine if I was to proclaim that in fact no one created it but it just randomly came into existence from nothing – no parts we’re made with a purpose, no person had any hand in assembling it in a purposeful way – It was just a product of pure chance.

For me that’s extremely mystical. I don’t know about you but for me that’s so illogical it makes me chuckle.

Others say God exists but God is not really an entity God is like a blank state, without emotions, without duality, a kind of universal potentiality but empty of everything. And then the idea goes that this universal energetic force needs us to experience things.


How does a non-being without any intentions in the first place create anything? Wouldn’t it just stay being a potential energy thing when it has no emotions or motivations to do anything different? How could it have the need to experience things if it has no needs? How does it desire to create and at the same time have no desires. It’s just not logical.

Imagine coming out of your power point at home the electricity just decided to create this amazing artwork. You got home and this cool artwork just started beaming from the where you plug your power cord.

“Yeah that’s just the electricity deciding to create something again… just plug the toaster in there – no don’t worry it’s not as if it has any feelings.. It’s just electricity for Christ’s sake!”

It’s a strange strange world indeed if our versions of God were actually true!

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