change your life in 30 days

I did a search in Google and it seems a lot of us want to change our life in a short amount of time. 7 days, 30 days, 1 hour – all popular terms. 1 year wasn’t so popular. Anyway, I was just reflecting about my own changes in 1 year.

How’s this for an interesting documented full swing. In September 2010 I said:

If we have a choice – why would anybody choose a life against the grain of the universe? The idea that we are just ignorant of this choice is an easy answer – then it’s just a case of people not believing “hard” enough to make it happen. But first a question worth asking is “can I really know the way of the universe?” Can anybody from our limited human perspective tell anyone else the intent of the universe albeit god, the source or whatever name you prefer? It has to be somewhat presumptuous, don’t you think?

In November 2011, a year and a bit later I say this:

If we consider the possibility that our primary sense is a receptiveness to the emotions of others, given that all other forms of sensing things around us was developed later or secondary to this, we may deduce this to be also the most primary means to communicate with God. We may say this considering God too would desire to communicate with us on the onset of us coming into the world.

If this is the case, then we may feel directly when our will is in or out of harmony with God’s will. In this sense we may feel a strong and clear connection to God when our will aligns with that of God’s, and when our will does not, it must follow that a weak and unclear connection will be felt. As the reception of God’s love or a connection with Her is instantaneous based on our free will, such a method might be used from moment to moment whenever we truly wish to do so. We may thereby know God’s will in respect to what God’s love for us would desire us to do or in fact any truth we are passionate to know about in a very direct manner.

So I’m basically stating that we can’t know God’s intent, then I’m saying what I feel God’s intent is.

Deep down previously I didn’t want to believe an entity of such incomprehensible magnitude who being as such must know and see me through and through would actually love me for all I am.

Then I opened myself to the possibility that this being does love me. It just made sense to me logically that such a being would have to be more than what’s best in us, not less. And it became clear to me that the best in us is unconditional love – a type of love that also desires others to be completely free – in the sense that our free will is a gift never to be taken away. So it must be our free will that determines too whether we wish to have a relationship with this infinitely loving being or not.

Then I felt Her love…

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