alone and destitute


This image was just taken outside Westmead Hospital. I took the photo not because I was feeling empathy for the guy or that it was highlighting society’s warped values or something like that. I took the photo because it just snapped me out of the context of my daily working life – all those things on my mind – like how quickly can I get through my work tasks; what things to do next etc. – all that while walking back after lunch for a moment came to a halt – like the carpet of my triviality was yanked right from under me.

What is it in us that we spend the majority of our lives concentrating on things that are of little consequence when many of us are alone and destitute? And while we’re drowning in our own consuming activities of little consquence, we distance ourselves from those in want, and we too, like those who are in need of us become alone and destitute.

What is it in us?

What is it in me?

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