All birds are black

Have you heard why all birds are black?

All crows are black and all crows are birds. So all birds must be black.

You might say the same about people claiming to tell you a truth.

All opinions aren’t true and anyone who claims to know truth, does so based on their own opinion. So there is no truth at all, only opinions.

If we feel there is no truth because of this or similar logic (really non-logic), then we can just as well believe there are no white birds. However it’s easy to point out to someone that a white bird just flew above them – unless of course that person is blind.

And this is the real issue regarding truth and our willingness to investigate what is presented to us. Many of us choose to be blinded to truth when that truth confronts us in a way that will require us to change.

When we grow, we change but it’s the growing pains we’re often afraid to experience.

But there is also the pain caused by not meeting our innate desire to grow past our own fears and the barriers those fears create. That pain is potentially ongoing because it is based on our free will and our willingness to experience fear. As fear inhibits us from following our desires.

Compare that to the temporary pains of growth. What would you prefer?

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