Love is immovable and accumulative

Love is the only true currency of success. How much real love do I have in my life? That is the only question we need to answer when we want to know how successful we are. This means, in life the poorest man can be the most successful but because money has little to do with real success the richest man can be likewise. If a woman for example accumulates every cent in the world but is unable to demonstrate love, she has gained nothing because every cent is taken from her at her death bed in the blink of an eye. But the love that has entered her heart is immovable, as it remains not only within her but within all who have been touch by her love’s reciprocation. So love itself is immovable and accumulative.

As God’s love is the highest form of love, His love builds the strongest foundations within us. And with the strongest foundations of love within us, we are then able to accumulate and reciprocate our own love to the highest degree.

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