John Frusciante and God

Just listened to one of my favorite artists – John Frusciante talk about how his music comes from the creative intelligence that made the universe, the source, God or whatever name you call it.

The name I use is God. Many say Allah.

I used to find the naming of God a problem. I chose a while back not to associate with others that say God.

Besides being heavy because of the history of what people did and still do in the name of God, I thought to use that name was presumptuous and inflated. Who can presume to know what is essentially beyond our limited capacity. If God exists, I’d argue that we must have an inflated ego to claim we can know anything about God, most people from my perspective – don’t even know themselves!

Things have changed with me and rather quickly mind you.

Before, I couldn’t accept God was a loving God. If I was God, I’d never make a place with so much suffering I’d say. And I knew I could be much more loving than I was (this still applies).

It’s interesting I’d find people presumptuous but at the same time make my own presumptions about how loving God is. It goes to show that what we say about others is much closer to the truth about ourselves than we are willing to admit. That’s the truth about ourselves we deny. The truth about myself I’m still denying even now.

While there’s some truth to that point of view, it was swayed by my own denial.

I used to feel a connection with God, but I lost it and that was just another example of my own incapacity – the feeling of being incapable, that I denied because I just didn’t want to feel it. So instead, when it came to God, I’d just say that we are all incapable of having a connection, so as this incapacity was just part of whom we all, it’s not really an incapacity at all.

Just like that, suddenly that sense of loss and feeling incapable disappeared when it came to feeling about God.

So perhaps if we all can’t connect with God – God is not really a thing we can connect with. God is just a universal force that we are all a part of. And so, this universal force must be without intent, without a design, without a personality and basically without a soul.

But how is that even possible?

What’s more plausible?

a) The creative force of the universe, without intelligence, personality creates intelligence and personality.

b) The creative force of the universe with intelligence and with a personality creates beings in the same image.

The bible said it something like: “God created us in His own image”

And if that’s the case, and woman exist, which they do we’d also have to add: “God created us in Her own image”

If then, God is intelligent and has a personality as well as qualities of feminine and masculine, then this God being our parent that created us all must be a being we could potentially connect with.

And if one of the greatest qualities of humankind is love, then God as a being must have so much more of this thing called love than us. As it wouldn’t make too much that the God who made us has less of the greatest attribute in us. It’s more logical that the greatest being would have a whole lot more of the greatest attributes of what this being creates.

Considering that, you’d have to ask:

Would the greatest loving being in existence, not want to connect with us?

It’s only logical that He/She would.

It’s only logical that a God with a soul creates people like John Frusciante who for me, shows a whole lot of soul in his music.

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