Always feeling good spirituality merry-go-round

When you feel down, go to point 1. Stay there until you feel good then go to point 2. At point 2, you feel good. Stay there until that feeling is exhausted, then go back to point 1 and so on…

1. When life gets you down, remember that life is about ups and downs – that is part of the human condition. The downs just teach you to appreciate the ups – but the downs are not your responsibility – that’s the universal law of duality for you to transcend. In fact, you have already transcended it and you don’t know it yet, but when you realise this you will see there is no down and so, there is no up – just an emptiness of emotional polarity which is the source of your true bliss.

2. When life gets you up, disregard all of the above – you are responsible for this wonderful moment, live in that moment, enjoy the now that you have created through your own law of attraction, because life is short, live it now and don’t concern yourself with the many still on point 1 – they alone are responsible for being there. Stay here for as long as you can manage and whatever you do don’t let a fear of going back to point 1 come anywhere near you because that’s how you’ll find yourself back there.

Does something seem amiss? What are we denying with all this?

The term “human condition” is intriguing. Somehow we have nothing to do with it, it just is. Are we not human? Are we not responsible for it’s making?

A phrase from the film “The mission” always stuck with me since seeing it first as a kid…

Hontar: “We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.”

Altamirano: “No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world… thus have I made it.”

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