I sent out an email campaign once with a Christmas promo. Instead of Christmas I called it Xmas. An angry Christian wrote back about how I contribute to taking the Christ out of Christmas by calling it Xmas.

I’ve heard Jesus was born on march, so who’s birthday are we celebrating? Would being overbearing about trivial things be defending ourselves against being trivialized or seen as not important enough to matter?

Convincing myself I’m important by demanding others view the things I value as important won’t convince me in the long run. I just need to feel about why I feel not important. As it’s a false belief instilled in many of us. As we are made perfect as a perfect being created us.

What does it mean if we never get what we want on Xmas?


2 thoughts on “Xmas

  1. Teresa, in a mood... clearly! This is a pet peeve of mine!

    I would like to see Christ taken out of christmas completely seeing as it is a pagan ritual (winter solstice) and he was born in March. And all the myriad of other reasons. I deliberately call it xmas… and have yet to be challenged. Perhaps because people can tell my feelings on the matter! There is so much wrong with the holidays of the world being twisted into christian festivals, in order to keep the pagans in line. There is so much wrong with christianity in general. The worst being the fanatical zealots who think they are saved because they go to the right (in their mind) church every now and then. Oh won’t they get a surprise when they pass! But you can’t tell them that… they know they are right and they are saved, and the rest of us poor blighters are damned…. I’d rather be their damned, frankly.

    1. David Wall Post author

      I’d love to give you that gift for Xmas! I mean take Christ out of it.

      I did some Googling at the time and “X” was actually an early designation of Christ anyway. So you’ve got to take out “X” too if you really want Christ out. But then you’re left with “mas” which is kind of like “Mass” – so that won’t work either.

      Maybe we just enjoy the irony of everyone dressing up in winter things, celebrating the winter solstice in the middle of summer down here in Oz.


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