Lord of the Flies

Collectively we seek to be controlled, to feel safety or to avoid facing the feeling of a state of un-control. The “Lord of the Flies” story reflects the deeply held belief that our own childhood nature is, left to its own devises – destructive. We have learnt to distrust our own nature. Why else would we do so much to tame it, control it – not only ourselves but the environment around us.

We may be fearful of authority, we might even hate it but we’re more afraid of the consequences of a lack of authority. Because the lack of one more deeply reflects our lack of parental love.

How much love did we receive as children acting childlike, being fully responsive to our emotions, being free and chaotic, regardless and without considerations to what is appropriate and what is not?

Love is never control. That’s why God never controls us, even if our choices lead to damaging ourselves and others further and further still. God has complete patience and complete faith in us that our choices will eventually lead to love because God knows His design is perfect. We are like a hardened seed, immersed in the water of God’s love, softening with time – our soul’s growth is imminent and yet on the moment we break through our own shell, as a seedling now open to receiving God’s gift, the choice is still always ours.

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