Both feet in crazy

There’s two ways to look at crazy. The way many see it is – if it’s not normal, if most people don’t prescribe to it, then it’s crazy. Many of us don’t want the label of “crazy” because we’ll not only start to feel unaccepted, as a whole bunch of people won’t accept who we are but we’ll likely be challenged by many of that same bunch of people about what we believe and do.

The other type of crazy is going about things in an illogical way to avoid the pitfalls of being labelled crazy. Because what is normal or acceptable is not always logical and strangely often it’s not.

So, given each of us are who we are – individual and unique, when we start becoming truly passionate about something, we may end up doing it in a unique and different way and that’s logical. To avoid being different when we already are is the opposite of logical.

To be honest if we are doing whatever it is we really love and we only ever do this the prescribed or the same way as everyone else has done before us, it’s a good indication we’re not really following our passions anyway – well that is really passionately.

As when we follow our true passions to the full extent of where that takes us, we’ll start coming into our own, so to speak and soon enough be in a unique place or have unique interests etc. which many are sure to label – crazy!

But what crazy is more crazy?

1. Being labelled crazy by those themselves afraid of being labelled crazy, but following our passions regardless

2. Not being labelled crazy, calling others crazy just for acting or believing differently to us and avoiding following our personal passions that will demonstrate to others that we are who we all are – unique, different and by our own definition, crazy?

What I wrote below here: is inspired by the insights that came to me while feeling a connection with God. Much of it relates to what’s presented by AJ and Mary or better know as Jesus and Mary Magdalene of the first century.

That makes me feel scared about how I’m following something I’m passionate about and many will view me as crazy. So by my own definition, I’ve got one foot in crazy and the other foot in the other crazy. You know what I mean

2 thoughts on “Both feet in crazy

    1. David Wall Post author

      Nope, do you have an electronic copy? Sounds great! I read snippets of Bede Griffiths, my mum had many of his books lying around when I was a teenager. Something I just found from him: “I suddenly saw that all the time it was not I who had been seeking God, but God who had been seeking me. I had made myself the centre of my own existence and had my back turned to God”


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