God repairs and renews the carpet free of charge

Well, the proof that if you ask God something, you’ll get an answer was for me answered. Just not in a way I would expect. I’ve been writing a post here about God and got stuck on a point about proving that he exists. So I said to God, “I’m going to sleep and I wonder if you could help me with this problem”. To be clear I didn’t actually say these words, sometimes I do but this time it was more of an intention directed to God just before I went to sleep.

So I just woke up from a dream where I met God. It’s not what you’d expect. It’s definitely not what I expected. I did though wake up thinking: “God works in mysterious ways”. Truthfully, it’s no so mysterious – rather than helping me solve a philosophical question about God, God decided to help me about a personal thing about myself. So it’s fair to say that God rates my salvation over correcting who he is for me or anyone else.

The dream went like this:

I remember having an argument with my wife, I can’t remember what exactly it was over. I was feeling not exactly angry but very needy of her feeling something for me – feeling something else than what she was feeling right then in the dream. She just wanted to get away from me. I wanted her to feel my pain about that but rather than say this to her, I started provoking her to basically hit me. I kept at her. She had a carrot in her hand – I was directing her to hit me with it. I could see she was getting really worked up, so I pushed on more. At that moment the carrot turned into a wooden mallet and I was standing at the edge of a very large drop. I think she hit me with it. I didn’t feel any pain. My intention the whole time was for her to hit me, so I was visibly harmed from which she would feel sorry for me and become warm and caring instead.

Where I was at the time was in a large empty room. It was indoors and for some reason I could see no walls or ceiling, just a stark and dimly lit room with a worn out green carpet.

So, when she hit me – I fell off the ledge. The carpet followed from the floor and across the ledge wall and down to the ground. I remember falling for a long time. I soon hit the ground. I was lying there for some time. I knew I wasn’t dead or injured but I lay there hoping to keep the pretense up and get the sympathy I was wanting all along. After some time I felt if I did stay that I might actually die. I realized then that I was dreaming. I remember seeing a couple of people looking over the edge from the top and I knew after some time that they were coming down from a path to attend to me. I quickly put myself back to the top, I kind of just appeared back there by my will and then looked down.

There was a couple of men, looked to me like tradesmen who were on the bottom ground accessing the damage and looking for me. I then, still thinking my wife was around, hung off the edge – to make out that I had climbed to the top as if climbing to the top was more of a struggle that she could feel sorry for me about rather than appearing suddenly at the top like I’d done.

So I climbed back up from hanging and no one really noticed. At that very moment one of the men was re-laying the carpet nearby me. It was for some reason much more worn out now – in fact there was really no more carpet left, just the base. Then I heard a voice say to me.

“God repairs and renews the carpet free of charge”

Suddenly the carpet started taking the appearance of a cozy lounge room. It sort of resembled the colors and features of the lounge room I grew up with as a child. It was domestic looking but it had a real warmth and beauty about it. I was amazed at the beauty and watched how the carpet turned into objects around the room. The carpet had autumn leaf colors moving and creating a kind of mosaic. It created paintings on the wall, an old television set, a couch and various other things. I remember thinking how surprising that something domestic and familiar could take on this amazingly warm and beautiful quality.

The same man was reclining on the couch. I knew suddenly that in fact he wasn’t a tradesman all along but he was in fact God and this was just the appearance he chose (or I chose) to relate to him. I said to him:

“So you’re God then”

He nodded. I then said: “I’m sorry about all that… I leave now but I would like to ask some questions if I could?”

He then pointed to a place next to him on the couch. Suddenly my mobile phone started ringing. I looked at it and on the display I saw that it was my mum calling. I said to God: “I’ll take it later, it’s just my mum calling”. He said to me: “No, I’d like you to take it, I prompted this situation for you”

So I took the phone. My mother then started talking in an angry but passive way. She was asking about a phone call she got about me from a man. She said something like this:

“I just got a call from a man asking me for your LinkedIn ID, he’s been trying to track you down but he can’t get in contact with you”

I then woke up.

2 thoughts on “God repairs and renews the carpet free of charge

  1. David Wall

    Interesting thing happened the very next day. I spoke to my mum who had just read this post and I was very honest with her about what I felt God was showing me. It’s interesting because on the actual phone call, I had a bit of a flashback to the phone call in the dream. My mother anyway told me about when she was pregnant with me, it was a very difficult time and my father blamed her for it and she felt all alone. The situation escalated one day and she had a strong pain and a near miscarriage. For a long time I’ve felt this and it has really helped me understand my own blockages and the neediness I often feel.

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