Jesus in Kingaroy

This post was about channel 7 Sunday Night exposé on AJ Miller and Mary Luck. It raised a few questions I feel are worth considering.

It’s wasn’t much an impartial presentation but to be honest I’d be surprised if it was. This mainstream media interview with AJ not edited gives a more unbiased presentation.

I suppose when we look at the media historically, although it’s mean’t to be about exposing truth, it’s hasn’t always functioned that way. I’m though less interested in whatever vested interests pull the strings and more interested in why we find it hard to come to our own personal opinions via doing our own investigations and rather than choosing to follow what most people go along with.

We also get all excited about exposés, I mean we’re kind of hungry for it, a bit like we’re hungry for gossip. I suppose when those two things go hand in hand it’s no surprise it’s hard to find quality journalism.

2 thoughts on “Jesus in Kingaroy

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  2. David Wall

    Looks like I made an assumption about where the editors got the photo of Jennifer – I don’t know for sure if it was from FB. But Jennifer confirms no one contacted her – that was my point really.


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