Broken and bruised

I come to you broken and bruised
So afraid I’ll be of no use
Walking with worn out shoes
Tripping, falling my way to you

I come to you broken and bruised
Carrying everything I couldn’t do
I’m so afraid I’ll be no good
Feeling utterly confused

I still come broken and bruised
Walking and feeling my wounds
With nothing more than my truth
Moving closer to you

4 thoughts on “Broken and bruised

    1. David Wall Post author

      Thanks Dean, I’m not always convinced by it myself, but that’s something to confront and one of the reason I’ve posted this to be honest. But thank you for your comment.

  1. Dean Sims

    I took voice lessons once. I can’t carry a tune – or at least thought I couldn’t. I’m tone deaf (I believe). The guy I took the lessons from told me that your voice is the most personal thing about you. I agree. It’s also interesting that God “spoke” creation into being. The voice is very powerful. Music is one of the best ways to access emotions for me. That’s why I attend worship services frequently. I’ve been going to a place on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday mornings lately. Different places, but most of the music at each is about God’s love for us. Powerful stuff. I don’t even think about going without a handkerchief.

    1. David Wall Post author

      Interesting that you say that. When I used to play more regularly back in my 20s, when I got really into a song I was playing, I used to get really teary also. Lately I’ve been finding it a new way to access personal emotions – so rather than using it to “make music”, I’ve kind of shifted the emphasis to connect with emotions – especially when some of the songs lately are just conversations with God (well my side of the conversation that is), it’s been really good – from an emotional perspective. It’s help me find a new lease of life for making music – which has actually been full of self doubt for a long time.


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