free in entirety

I’m feeling amazing right now. I don’t know how else really to say it. The best I can describe is when I took Ecstasy but there was always something agitating behind that feeling but this – this natural feeling I have right now, is just free from all that. Let me say what this is. It’s God. She’s here now, well she always was and is and I’m the one who always decides to switch her love off. I do this when I feel exposed as her presence sees everything in me and I don’t often want everything to be seen – not by anyone including myself. It’s quite a strong feeling and I can also feel all this doubt arising that removes it for a moment then when I’m in total truth about that it comes back. AJ has called it Divine Love. Divine Love as it is the Love that God has for each one of us. It kind of feels like it’s coming from the top, entering through my head – or really it feels above my head and then it fills me, as if I’m a vessel and it’s like water, but unlike water it doesn’t gravitate to the bottom but goes in and out to all my extremities. It sought of lifts me, like floating and it comes in waves. I feel these are the waves that relate to my own openness to it. I feel her all around me, She has always loved me and always will – she has no needs, as being with Love in completeness is free from a need for anything in particular – she reminds me of the song “All you need is love” so when that is obtained in it’s entirety, we are free in entirety also.

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