2 months

Right now I’m feeling strange. The future as it always was is uncertain but leaving a job which I’ve found out today I have to leave in 2 months makes me feel this uncertainty more than when living day to day, week to week – scheduled as a full time job does to people. Intellectually I know it’s a false certainty but faced now, really faced with the falseness of that uncertainty directly, I have little choice but to feel it. Of course as the days count down that feeling will be stronger.

2 thoughts on “2 months

    1. David Wall Post author

      Nope, job just got a redundancy – which is good and gives me ample time to consider my next step but I realised how attached I’ve become to the routine of work, I know there’s emotions brewing under that that get put off on the day to day living, I know it helps too justify putting off my passions… But when it’s now a reality, it’s more something I’m feeling… the uncertainty for one, the fear that I’ll find myself in a worse position too…. a few things coming up.


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