Clearly a different character altogether….

Clearly a different character altogether….

What strikes me is why do such a sloppy a fake job?

When you clearly have access to anything Holllywood could muster (best 3D graphics, make up, audio manipulation tools), why just get a guy that has some resemblance (just smaller, porkier and more dopey looking) and dress him up?

I’d be going really hi-tech with this all this if I REALLY wanted to convince the whole world….

But lets assume that it’s not a sloppy job.. not an oversight at all. To me, it’s much more credible that it’s not.

Could it be an elaborate double manipulation to separate the sheep from the goats? The sheep aren’t really the problem here. The sheep will go and do whatever is asked when required to. It’s the goats – everyone who has ever commented on sites like for instance might be identifiable as a goat. The internet is a great tool to document this. The goats are those unruly, slightly more switched on minority that potentially will pose a problem. A problem for what?

Now this is not a conspiracy, I’m just taking a direction of thought from the basis that all this very questionable material being released is not just the making of a bunch of idiots who just happen to be running things. There is an intent behind it. Is there?

If you’ve ever read Orwell’s 1984, you’d have noticed the same double manipulation on Winston, who after being identified by O’Brien as a Party threat was given a series of credible information “accidentally” about the Party’s tactics and history of it’s control mechanisms. O’Brien pretended to be secretly opposing the Party – so in this case he was the lion dressed in goat’s clothing if you get the analogy.

O’Brien’s real job was not to identify the goats but to “cure” them. Now, I’m not saying that’s the case necessarily here either. The more this occurs, the more it grooms us not to trust our own natural inclination for the obvious and if you imagine that is feasible, then what do you imagine a project like that would be intended for? I don’t know myself – I guess I can only pose that question…

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