Dreaming of a future map of Australia

I had a dream last night that someone left me an impression on the ground where i was which was moist mud and clay ground of what Australia will look like in the near future.

I don’t know exactly where I was but there was little around me, it was isolated and bare. The impression was like a sculpture made out of the ground – like a miniature replica of australia showing the outline and mountain ranges, rivers and plains.

The outline was much smaller. It was as if all the edges where cut into. I noticed a big chunk out of where the north of NSW was and the south of QLD. So looked like from below Byron all the way to the top of the sunshine coast including all of Brisbane was kms underwater. I was surprised at the big chunk missing in that area.

I was also surprised at the area around Sydney. It seemed like a lot of it was still there.

I also noticed how much of Australia was now full of rivers – large gaping rivers like oceans themselves that went all over the place through the continent. It looked like mostly the tops of mountain ranges where now exposed above the water. It all kind of looked like the whole continent was pushed under about 50% more than it is now.

Revelation or just a dream, I don’t know.

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