The process of individuation is as exact here as it was when I had first postulated it. The difference was the need for me not to connect my theory with a religious standpoint. At the time it was an attempt to satisfy my peers and the scientific community at large. It was my mistake in many ways not to postulate that behind each psychic phenomena is the Divine Self that is pre-existent of human life. In my defence, it was difficult for me to mention God – as my Father, being a pastor, instilled in me a wrathful, unforgiving God which I could not align with my inner understanding. In principle though, since arriving to the spirit world I have found that much of my theory on psychic phenomena, the maturation of an individual into his true and full personhood to be correct. It is the emphasis on a God, or as I had understood as the collective Self as an impersonal being that showed a lack in my own emotional maturity during the time of my work. This I have grasped much more since and see this gap in my understanding and I would like it known to those who may take an interest in my work that this area is not only an oversight but is of vital importance. God is a profound personality, not only in His immensity, beauty and highly systematic creation but that each aspect of what we can discover about Him and the qualities of His creation that abounds us in essence is perfected through His Love. Symbols are psychically charged manifestations, not static occurrences as in the later part of my work I understood. They are energetic points of resonance that alter a person’s otherwise fixed psychic patterns but as importantly the occurrences around him or her. I called this synchronicity. At that time, I did not imbue this phenomena with a person’s emotional condition and how every psychic occurrence perfectly aligns with the laws God has instilled within his creation to bring each of us to the exact understanding of who we are.

I can see that you are becoming tired.

Thanks you for your time and dedication to my message.

Carl Gustav Jung

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