ELEnin, fear and avoidance

I’ve been in fear over the last couple of days. It was sparked by hearing about the comet Elenin. Basically, the earthquakes in Chile, Christchurch, then Japan correspond to points on the comets orbit where both the earth, the sun and comet Elenin line up. You can check it’s trajectory on the NASA site and put in those dates.

The point when it gets closest to the sun is 11 September this year and gets closest to the earth later that month. These points are much more significant than the above mentioned line ups. What’s also weird is the guy who discovered the comet is called Leonid (which means meteor shower) Elenin (11-9) and ELE is the acronym for a major catastrophic occurrence. Check out the movie “Deep impact”, the guy that discovered the ELE (extinction level event) so it was called had the name Leo too, was also an amateur astronomer and there’s a bunch of other “coincidences” that this post won’t do credit to, so if you are curious, please investigate.

Along with doubting my own hunch that this isn’t all an elaborate hoax, I feel stuck, and that I have no control and that I’m failing the people i love because I have no solution. Im scared that facing this head on will exacerbate all this and on top of that Im frustrated I can’t change this, that my wife doesn’t see eye to eye on this with me and that I’ve got little time left.

This is the message I got from a friend in relation to this:

David, you have absorbed yourself in fear without processing it fully. You have been shown things as a way for you to prepare yourself. There is little you will gain pursuing this need you are displaying to avoid self-doubt. Your doubts are actually attracting what you now experience as your frustration about the current predicament.

Look at these feelings to find your own solution and pray earnestly to our Father. It matters less where you are at this time you worry about than the condition you are in. This “danger” is a certainty but fear only heightens what you wish to escape from. You can evade this only when you humbly experience your true emotions and in this way remain open and in truth with God. This is the only way to “protect” yourself and your loved ones.

The most important thing is to recognize that you are never in danger and you are always safe in the eyes of God. Conversely it is not a time to shut yourself off to the reality of the situation – this is another mechanism of avoidance.

More credible reading:
Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity

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