I have cracked feet

This is my first post written from a phone.

I’ve got right now a bunch of cracks on my heels from dry skin. Why would I disregard my feet?

You are essentially still very much in your head, although some progress has been made connecting with your soul state, you do not as yet ground yourself on that truth. Feelings are still placed at a safe distance and you only allow yourself to experience them fully away from the moments that actually expose you to them. This means that although your desire has grown towards connecting to your soul and the soul of God, you essentially have blocked this during the moments God’s love is most likely to be felt and thereby received by you.

The only way to rapidly progress is to allow your feelings to be exposed at every moment, whether you imagine you are alone or in the company of others. If you can put this into practice you will be surprised at the difference between what you fear will occur and what actually happens.

Because God’s love is able to flow directly into your soul, the reality of the outcome is always positive, fruitful and affirming. In comparison, your fear stagnates you and importantly attracts painful situations into your life as a consequence.

When you compare it becomes clear that fear, which is essentially an avoidance of a perceived painful outcome is in reality the mechanism that creates the outcome you wish to avoid.

When you choose not to be in the state of avoidance, you are true to your soul’s immediate expression. This way you align yourself with God’s love and his desire for you to be fully and passionately yourself at all times. God desires this because this is where you are truly happy.

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