Happiness beyond comprehension

I wrote a comment to my sister in law. It kind of stretched out to a mini essay. So I’ve made it a blog post.

She wrote: im with you on the AJ team, there is no return..

I wrote: He doesn’t exactly say that – actually talks very little on the recent to coming earth changes. Mostly he talks about how we attract events / things that can help us understand our true emotional condition – but only if we allow ourselves to.

Though no one is made to feel his / her true emotional condition – we’re actually free to do whatever we’re able to – including denying how we really feel for as much and as long as we want. I’ve done this most of my life – so I’d know!

For example I’m afraid to feel the grief about being not strong enough or capable enough to make the people I love – happy. Instead I get angry and blame the people or events that bring up these feelings of being incapable. When that doesn’t work I pretend to myself that I feel strong enough and when that doesn’t work I try to run away.

The problem is I can’t run away. Where would I go if I’m attracting what I want to run away from? Where the hell can anyone go?

In the end, running away just creates more of the attraction to the sort of things we feel are negative in our lives. So denial and avoidance just ramps up our attractions – imagine that denial and avoidance on a mass worldwide scale… What would that attract?

For me, the other choice apart from avoiding – is to really feel and experience my grief. Experience it to it’s core – all the way to when that grief first started in me. Those feelings I’ve spent my entire life running away from.

It makes sense that when we start being true to our own emotions, when we stop blocking them, we become more open. And when we open ourselves up, we are also allowing ourselves to be more open to the more beautiful things around us like real love. But it’s not only that…

When we’re no longer afraid of being exposed and we have nothing more to block – we also open ourselves up fully to the strongest love imaginable, which in fact is and has always been present in our lives. That is the love from God. Becoming open to God’s love also expands us in love and happiness beyond our comprehension.

So in summary that’s what I’ve learnt and that is now my passion.

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