A long debate almost about nothing

I just wrote this post here: http://disorderlyhappiness.com/2011/02/07/life-death-aj-miller-and-jesus/ . Today I took the first part of that out and posted here:


Because it was confusing. The title was about AJ Miller being Jesus but I only talk about that right at the end. The below is not about that. It’s really a self dialogue about life and death. I don’t like it. It’s wishy-washy. So I’m going to add this first, I wrote it today to a friend (hello Bec):

Anyway, I’m really trying to confront myself and likewise, the patterns I’ve forced myself into repeating – as if I’m just actually trying to back myself into a corner, so I can wake up to myself. So on that side it’s so much better. There’s a lot of me that’s so suppressed and it’s what I’ve come to know myself to be. In that, I’ve tended to deny some of the heavy emotions that drive me to repeat those same things, even philosophically – I realised that one lately.

It’s been a tactic to help me deny deep emotions – i.e. feeling stuck and alone is too hard to feel but it’s there (in me) and I’d say to myself things like we’re all connected and we’re all this one consciousness, so that feeling I have of being alone and stuck is wrong. The point is although the concept is right from a perspective, it’s not coming from the right place – rather it’s there to placate the moment I can’t face. So the feeling is not wrong, it’s in me and it’s there for a reason. Denying that makes the emotion fester and drives me to act out on it. This is when I start creating those negative patterns in my life to back me into a corner – really as I said, it’s about forcing myself to find out, experience and start releasing those feelings pent up inside me because I’m to afraid to do it actively for myself. It’s a very round about way to progress, really.

I’m ready to turn around and face things more directly. We’ll that itself is hard but it’s truly liberating. Besides it’s much harder holding on to the festering wounds and waiting for those to break through before confronting them.

So, the above is more about how I’m feeling. Now you’ll notice below takes a very different direction. I’m going through a long debate almost about nothing. What do you prefer?

So to start with, here’s an interesting question – do you ever remember ever being not conscious?

It’s funny because that question can’t really have an answer – if you do remember then there’s no chance that you weren’t conscious as you must have had some level of consciousness to remember that event in the first place.

OR if you don’t remember, then there’s no evidence for a non-conscious event ever happening AND because there’s no evidence to the contrary why do we all imagine that death is the threshold of consciousness? It’s just bad science don’t you think? Having a certainty about consciousness ending as a result of death, just because we don’t know any better…

So I find it interesting that while no one can ever experience a non-conscious event, a huge leap of faith must be taken to conceive of it occurring after death. We also then go on to believe that consciousness after death is an experience that is completely unverifiable..

Who can honestly believe someone that says they did this or that after they died or imagine believing someone who tells us they can talk with spirits… They’ve got to be nuts!

But then again if we really look at it, it’s actually more farfetched to imagine that non-consciousness exists – as firstly it’s impossible to verify as I’ve shown above. So that’s what’s really quirky about this argument – if you’re an over-the-top logical person, you’d have to err on the side of the continuation of consciousness or lets call it “life after death”.

Secondly, we’d need to be even sceptical of the notion of death at all – because if consciousness is likely never to end, then death is not really – death. It’s just another form of life. Phew!

Now, back to the fear part. A lot of us, myself included spend so much emotional energy around retaining life as we know it – that the idea of life as we don’t know has to take a back seat. It’s probably less like a seat and more like an iron box, with multiple locks and chains in a maximum security emotional prison. In other words, it’s not really logic that stops us confronting death – it’s really an emotional process. There’s an emotion there behind it all.

Think about all the things that arise because of that emotion – all the anti aging formulas, the obsessions with security (a job and home for life), life insurance, chemotherapy and a whole host of other medical treatments that make living unbearable, for the sake of retaining that thing we call “life”. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re sacrificing life – for “life”?

Imagine a life without these fears, what would it be like?

So, after all that logic – I guess you could call me a sceptic.

I’m sceptical of death and that’s starting to make me sceptical of living a life by the code of death. It’s not really a life but more like a “life”…

So that’s the frame of mind, or frame of feeling that I’ve come to learn about what AJ Miller talks about. And here’s another one, a really BIG one for all those sceptics among us. He tells us he is the reincarnated Jesus!

That’s just crazy, isn’t it? There’s also a guy called Dr Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda with a like claim of being Jesus, so to be fair I decided to listen to what he has to say too. To be honest this is probably the only time I’ll forgive myself of using the cliché “chalk and cheese” – because in this case it’s more than fitting.

There’s something extremely coherent about what AJ talks about, in some ways I’ve never heard or met anyone who can speak so coherently about, well anything. On the contrary just a bit of coherence is something Dr Jose could really do with, you’re sure to know what I mean if you spend just 5 mins listening to him – it’s quite painful really… to me anyway, obviously there’s a whole troop of people over on the other side of the world who believe to the contrary. To me that’s also very… interesting.

So, being a sceptic, a claim I’m sure many will be sceptical of – I feel AJ Miller is Jesus and after all the rambling directions this post has gone down, here is a direction I’d like to suggest:

Take with you whatever critical approach you have at your disposal and go here: http://www.divinetruthseminars.com then if you have some time, I’d love to know your thoughts or better yet, your feelings on it 🙂

Or watch an instalment here:

5 thoughts on “A long debate almost about nothing

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  2. Amanda

    He’s very compelling and I feel I want to see more but that’s scarey to me as I feel “out of mind” to even be looking!!

    1. David Wall Post author

      If you feel compelled to by what you hear, then I’d suggest to go with your feelings. There’s no reason you have to be “out of mind” while investigating something, in fact that wouldn’t really work. There’s a great seminar AJ did recently about testing the truth about things via your own faculties http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLG37Z7Tr44 (worth a watch)

  3. Mary

    Your dialogue is great (hope i am not hooking into your inferiority feelings) ty for sharing, glad you put some reasoned thought out there

    1. David Wall Post author

      Thanks I find most of the people who have been listening to AJ / Mary have done so with their full reasoning intact. You can tell by the type of questions that come up in the seminars. So because I enjoy presenting what I feel is right, I’m finding that I’m just doing it – so it’s something I’m also passionate about. Anyway, in terms of the hook , ie are you feeding my addictions, well by bringing it up again, I’d say no – so thank you!


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