Mehmet Karagöz

“We are born into existence with the knowledge of our own unlimited creative potential. We are also born into existence feeling completely deserving of love. Yet the world we are born into is a world of incapacitated love and from those we most hope to receive love – those who bring us into the world or who are responsible to guide us – are incapable of loving us. Not because they are essentially evil, but that they are like us – blocked and fearful of becoming free. This is because freedom in a damaged world is called vulnerability and here we are not just afraid of opening ourselves up to the attacks from others but also opening ourselves to the source of love. For this reason we shut ourselves completely down and begin to confuse love with pain.

The result of this is we all become alike. The pattern is passed on over generations and generations. It is a deeply held feeling that we are not acceptable enough or worthy enough to be loved but if that were true, then the pain of untruth would never be. We feel that pain because in our hearts we know things are not as they seem.

We know we are loved even when incapable of loving others or even ourselves, we are still and have always been loved. We know too that we have the power to create the life we desire but this too is the pain of our condition. The reality that our desires are in fact completely aligned to our deepest held emotions about who we are. It is because we have learnt and continue to feel that we are undeserving of love or that no matter what actions are taken, we are still incapable of acquiring love that we create a world that reflects those deepest held beliefs, exactly. So in truth, we are unable to manifest the world we believe we want because the world we truly desire is exactly the world we have created.

Eventually, it is precisely the pain of this condition that brings us to the edge of our own untruths and eventually towards the precipice of truth. When we reach this point at which we cannot see more, we can be assured there is a point beyond all this at which we see all. Thus, when our pain is no longer the small flame we extinguish with the blankets of our own self deceit, when those layers of temporary protection can no longer dampen the raging fires held within, when we are pushed to the point of our own destruction – it is only then that we experience the emotions we have denied from the beginning. It is only then we release the burdens of our personal and generational histories and feel the abundance of freedom and the unlimited source of love from the one who is more than all.”

Mehmet Karagöz

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