Life, death, AJ Miller and Jesus

This post because of the title and magic workings of Google has been getting a few hits over the last few days. I believe many who might come across this will be looking for more information on AJ Miller / Jesus in light of recent media exposure. Be that to find ‘dirt’, to satisfy curiosity or perhaps get an outsider’s viewpoint.

The title of this post was in relation to some musings on life and death and how I recently became interested in AJ Miller, you can read that here:

Firstly I know a lot more than the average person about search engines and keywords. I’m actually employed to know. So it was clear to me that the title would bring search engine exposure. Now that’s sneaky. I’ve knowingly orchestrated that to feed what I now see is an addiction. I want an audience so I don’t have to feel that I am not important, that I’m not really that special or blessed – in fact from my early childhood I felt my parents couldn’t love me if I was ordinary and truthfully I felt rather ordinary – I struggled with getting good marks in primary school, I was just kind of average at everything I did. And now as a direct reflection of that, my current adult life is well normal – not special… really.

Now the reason I’m telling you this is that coming to know about Divine Truth is not an intellectual game you can play. It means you will start looking at yourself, no better to say feeling about yourself in a very confronting and truthful way. Actually, this started a process for me of relearning who I am, not through my mind but through my feelings. This might mean that you’ll need to start grieving about not feeling lovable, or start releasing the anger around having to hold on to such feelings for so long and this is one of the most challenging aspects we will likely ever face.

Feeling or lets say processing feelings fully is done with this instrument we all have – our bodies. When I really begin to feel something I know it, I feel it, express it through my body. Think about that one, if the natural way of expressing feeling is shunned i.e. screaming / crying / shaking in terror, how does denying our natural bodily expressions of emotion become at all helpful?

But what AJ and Mary (his partner – yes Magdalene) talks about is not really all about connecting with our emotions. It’s primarily and most importantly about connecting with God. That’s also a very challenging one. Who is God? Didn’t Nietzsche proclaim that God is dead?

For many years God to me was this kind of emotionless being. Perhaps best understood as the life force of the universe. A force that we are all connected to in some ways and perhaps I imagined that that connection was a link to our true and higher Self. Does that make me God, you God, everyone and everything, God? Yes on that line of thinking it would. But I could never really grasp the disconnect between being God on the one hand and well, living this ‘ordinary’ rather at times painful life. Perhaps this line of thinking was somehow feeding that addiction I was talking about earlier? That’s something I’ve recently discovered.

So, I’m not actually debunking the “one-consciousness = God” idea, as there’s definitely elements of truth in that philosophy – i.e. we are all connected in ways our 5 senses haven’t as yet revealed to us fully. Importantly though, I’ve come to understand there’s a reason we are created as different and separate individuals and that our creation as individuals with very unique qualities and personalities is actually a most loving act / expression of our God.

AJ’s message was not we are all God or Gods, but more so – children of God. As a child of God, AJ is my brother, you are either my brother or sister and God is our Father / Mother. God is a father or mother to us depending upon whether we are referring to the masculine or feminine qualities of God of which God has both. Now if there’s deep painful core feelings associated with not being fully lovable by our primary caregivers (our mummys and daddys), it becomes very difficult to accept within ourselves the love of our real Mother, our real Father. This is what AJ / Jesus calls Divine Love.

If you have a child, you may know what I’m talking about. The love I have for my daughter is really something I’ve never experienced prior to her coming into my life ( I wrote a little about that here: It’s a wonderful feeling, I want so so much for her. I want her to grow and be herself to the full extent of what she can be. In fact, for me as a parent, beyond anything else I want her to be completely happy in herself so she can grow, discover and express herself freely and happily at all times.

That love that I feel for my daughter is just an infinitesimal aspect of that Love the Divine Father has for each one of us all the time. Imagine that. Feel that. That Love is the most healing, most wonderful gift that awaits all of us, whenever we wish to become open to receive it. And it is our free will (which is also a gift of love to be ourselves if you think about it) that dictates whether we wish to accept it or not. Because emotionally if we are honest with ourselves, we feel undeserving for whatever reason of such a Love in it’s full intensity, we choose not to accept it. AJ talks a lot about the truth of our emotions – so if we have an emotion of being undeserving, a contradictory emotion of being deserving can not co-exist. Can you really feel two conflicting emotions at the same time?

So the point of this dialogue (and I am open to dialogue if you wish to comment), was to talk about some of my experiences investigating Divine Truth in my life. Being that I’ve found and personally experienced changes in my outlook and life in general so profoundly positive, I’ve come to realise that AJ has indeed pointed me to many Truths, which if you truly examine yourself in your own life – I feel you will likewise come to that realisation.

From that perspective the truth about whether AJ is Jesus or is not Jesus will become quite clear to anyone who truly seeks to know.

Find out more:

Divine Truth:

Online Video:

Mary’s Blog:

20 thoughts on “Life, death, AJ Miller and Jesus

  1. Catherine White

    What a thought, a life without fears.

    A scripture from the book of Timothy upon which I’ve based my life is, ‘for God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love and power, and a sound mind.’

    Overcoming fear is the part of the human condition, some of us fear more than others, but fear is fear. I question the degrees, as the experience is fearful, whatever the degree.

    Thought provoking as usual David

    1. David Wall Post author

      Thanks Catherine – I’ve come to realise, there so much more fear in me than I’ve really wanted to ever face. It really struck me when I noticed that all my little annoyances and frustrations that come around every day usually mask a deeper fear. So there’s all those trigger points throughout my day (and everyday) that I could allow myself to go into the deeper feelings of that moment – like this morning when my baby girl had tantrum and I can’t do anything about it – except get annoyed and passive aggressive. The real fear is underneath that and it’s about loss of control. So rather than feeling or experiencing (like you said) the loss of control, mostly I cover it with anger. In that case a smaller degree of anger which expresses itself more like annoyance.

      I can be all intellectual about it (as I am being right now), I can even express it – but you’re right in what you’ve alluded to – it’s in experiencing it fully that the healing actually starts. (this guy is fascinating on that topic:

      Anyway here’s a good quote too “There is no fear in love. But perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed he who is under fear has not been made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18.

      Your comment sparked me to listen (right now) to this good discussion by AJ about fear (that’s were I got that quote from): Another interesting look at fear from that discussion: “Fear is false expectations, or emotions appearing real – what we believe to be true but in reality is an error”.

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  3. Jennifer Brownson

    Hi David,
    We haven’t met yet, but I am a fellow Truth-seeker who gravitated to the DLP a year ago. Do you know what lecture your snippet is from? It looks like a good one to listen to again. God’s blessings to you.

      1. Enrique

        Hey David … I am one of the peoples here in the states that helped to get the divine truth seminars .com site going … i will ask about allowing wordpress & others to embed … thanx for tipping me off to this …

  4. mathew costin

    Hi David,

    Thankyou for writing.

    I discovered AJ about 5 months ago. Since that time I have been courageous enough to face the truth about myself on a few occasions and when I did, I experienced God’s Love flowing into my soul.

    One thing I love about AJ is that he says that “xyz” is the absolute truth but asks us to investigate for ourselves the validity of what he states.

    Love Mathew

    1. David Wall Post author

      Yep that’s the thing about how he lives what he presents – he encourages you to come to your own conclusions about what he states. So he never seeks to overstep anyone’s free will.

      Great to have some commentary with you Matt and did appreciate your Twitter trigger question!

  5. rick malic

    Hi David,

    I’ve also put into practice what AJ says and found that it works – not cos he says so, but because I did it and it did. I still don’t have enough trust of others inside of me to believe anything that anyone says yet, I only trust me still and so only through my own experience do I come to believe anything. Thanks to the truth that AJ presented I have released much fear and grief now and feel soooooo much more love inside of me because of this, as I’ve asked God for His/Her love. I will never look back, the more love I receive the happier I become, I am coming to see how I used to chase money and ‘things’ and actually, all we do need is love 🙂 Though there is nothing wrong with ‘things’ either, it’s just that love is sooooo much better, and things mean very little if there is no love inside of you to enjoy your life fully without the emptiness you still feel when all you have is ‘things’.

    Thanks for creating this page

    cheers rick

    1. David Wall Post author

      Thanks Rick, I’m still struggling with it. Seems sometimes the more I progress, the more I feel and those addictive things which just used to fly over me, now I feel and it’s painful to me, it eats me up like screaming out “process me”… I’m at this point right now.

  6. Teresa French

    Hi David,

    a beautiful piece. Thank you.

    Through your words I see the wonderful gift I have been given with my children. I too feel as you do for your daughter about my son and daughter, and I was thinking about my childless friends who perhaps will never experience that love. Perhaps they may find it harder to get closer to God? I don’t know. I do know that my experience of my love for my children helped make more tangible for me God’s love and my understanding of it.

    thank you and love 🙂

    1. David Wall Post author

      Thank you Teresa – it does really help having children. I couldn’t have ever make that connection otherwise. Thanks for reading!

  7. Darren

    I tried what Aj suggested to do and it really works, what a time to be alive hey!
    I really never dreamed this day would come!
    I’ve been screeming out for truth since I can remember and been reaserching all sorts of avenus for years!
    This just made everything fall into place!
    Thank you AJ

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  9. Jesus

    People, are you serious? You can’t honestly listen/read/watch anything done by AJ Miller and believe the man. He is absolutely, 100% full of garbage. He spews forth false trash.

    Life is difficult. It’s hard to be a human being. We all face fearful things, things that make us angry, and also things that make us very happy. All emotions are harmonious with what it is to be a functioning human being. None of them are wrong, with maturity, you learn to control your emotions and carry on. Maturity does not always come with age, it take effort as well. It would be of great value for every human being to embrace the unknown, and to keep a curious mind, look for more questions and less answers. Human life on this planet will go on for a long time, there is no point in living and thinking otherwise (that we are doomed within our lifetime). If we are doomed, well then, we’re doomed. Why live in fear and seek only one true path? The fact is, we are lucky to live on a diverse planet, with instant access to all kinds of information, there are so many excellent paths to take. You could even be the next AJ Miller!! You would Jesus too!

    If you are willing to spend one hour watching a lecture by AJ Miller, I urge you to make time in your life to watch a series called “Cosmos” with Carl Sagan.

    Have faith in yourselves.

    1. David Wall Post author

      I like to address a few things you mentioned which don’t convey what I have learnt from hearing teachings by AJ and Mary.

      1. Maturity equates with learning to accept your emotions (negative and positive) and not letting emotions dictate / guide your life.

      I used to be a strong proponent of that. I’ve actually written a number of posts here about the importance of learning to accept life as experience but not to judge one type of experience over another as better or worse than the next – e.g. While this helps us control our approach to life and helps us put in place a number of moral learnings we’ve come to understand through our own personal experience, it is essentially still about learning to control our direct emotional responses to things. If maturity equates to control or the internalisation of control, so that it becomes like second nature – is that not a denial of an integral aspect of ourselves – our emotions?

      If you take another perspective about maturity and rather say that it involves coming to know ourselves, not just in an intellectual way but also learning to feel ourselves – i.e. rather than maturity being the perfection of emotional control, consider maturity as the ability to embrace of all of our emotions as a way of knowing (or feeling) the full spectrum of who we are. To get in touch with our emotions, I do not mean simply a mental naming of things – i.e. “I feel angry”, but the actual expression of the emotion – i.e. expressing anger naturally with our full body. That itself is a good example of why emotional control is favoured over emotional expression – because certain emotions like anger carry the weight of huge external (and internal) judgement. The question worth asking though is this – if something makes us feel angry, does suppressing anger make it really go away? If anger alternatively could be expressed in a non-harmful manner – would it not be useful to express and release it rather than keep it within us it seethe?

      So the idea is that emotions are not good or bad but are essential aspects of who we are and embracing them fully for that reason can assist us to know / feel ourselves in a more comprehensive way. This is very different to skipping over emotions with the concept that everything is just a valueless personal experience.

      2. Seeking to know something that makes you uncomfortable equals living in fear.

      I often see humanity’s response to things like earth changes like this. Imagine a colony of ants built a nest on a summer tidal river bank – because their lives are short they never saw how the tide last year actually swamped the very place they now live. Through the winter and spring they lived oblivious to this fact and built their lives, homes, family and friend ties in this very spot. As everything they knew and learnt to accept about themselves was largely invested in the nest they built, the fear of having to lose not only their home but their very identity was just too great to even consider. In fact because that fear was so great many of them actually believed that losing their life was a far better option than even contemplating a life without their nest. So all the signs of the rising tide where either ignored, rejected or ridiculed.

      But truthfully can you imagine even ants acting like that?

      No, but it is definitely a human quality to harbour emotional investments that are threatened by anything that exposes them, including knowledge and awareness. There’s definitely much invested in the idea that significant earth change events cannot happen, but to seek awareness and discusses something that makes us uncomfortable is not the same as living in fear. I fact it’s most like the opposite.

      Also, yes I do enjoy Carl Sagan’s series very much.

  10. Angela Micheals

    I have been enjoying the many youtube videos and have yet to disagree with anything I have heard Aj or Mary say. I am even thinking of relocating. I now know I’m looking for my soul-mate. I have been so very blessed to have a way to find THE WAY, even if it is through my BlackBerry. I hunger for more and more. I am addicted to knowledge and truth! and am so happy to know that my belief that Jesus would share the truth for free has truly come to pass in my lifetime. I am looking forward to meeting live people on the path. Many ??s have been answered for me by just listening to these wonderful lectures. The best studying I have ever done, and to think for free!!!!!! Thank you so very much for giving this to the world. I just wish I knew others that would be open to know what I have learned, so I could be among others of the desire to know and practice his way of being.

    Angela Micheals

    1. David Wall Post author

      I wasn’t sure if that thanks was for me or not, either way cheers. I’m still letting it sink in that really seeking to know this parent we call God is what counts over the other stuff and all else just follows and most importantly all in the right time, without us getting in the way 🙂

      1. David Wall Post author

        Hi Angela, I also wanted to say, it’s great you’ve got this enthusiasm, I wanted to add that as I felt I might have been a bit judgemental, sorry.

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