Who are you?
I am the giver and the receiver of all things.

Why did you create me?
To show you the boundlessness of love.

Why do I need to be shown this?
You are already waiting for this to be revealed. There is only truth and it is who you are from the beginning till the end.

What does this really mean?
The meaning is always in what you desire it to be. In the end it is always desire that has created everything that you and not you are. It is an exercise of desire manifested that you call reality. In fact it far from real as it is only as a fragment of who you can be.

What can I be?
What you are

I know this but haven’t really absorbed it. Why is that?
Take only what you can and you have only what you want. So when you really want something, you have it. You must understand that what you desire is all you have. No more or no less.

Why do I desire what I have?
Because it is only in truth that you can live and you are the truth of your own desires.

How then can I change my desire at the core?
By leaving the need to.

So when I no longer need the desire, then I can change it?

Just accept who I am and the life I have created?
What else is there but acceptance? Because in truth, you have accepted precisely this.

So why do I strive for things?
You strive when you view yourself as a reflection. In reality you seek that reflection you create but disassociate yourself from yourself to do this. If you look closely you are striving for the experience precisely before that event. This is a subtle occurrence at your core, what some call the soul. In fact the soul is the connection to the being before reflection. That being is unmanifested reality – in essence, a gift of unbounded love that offers itself as a sacrifice of absolute omnipresence to what is really, insignificant. That is the meaning behind God’s unbounded love for everything which is manifest.

So, I’m not accepting of this offering?
You accept to the precise extent of what you are – this person in this reality. This is why we are communicating. You are ready to accept more. You are beginning to understand at the vital level that love is the only exchange that is part of the acceptance of the offering that is given.

So what happens next?
You will begin to feel the dialog with God. If you no longer require words to grasp this.

How will I grasp it?
You are already. It is time to let that process take its full effect.

What can you tell me today?
You are not entirely responsible for the situation others are in. You are partly responsible, so much as you are experiencing only part of your potential. So, in truth your present perception is an exact reflection of itself in the world you see directly outside of you.

I can then heal people close to me by shifting my own perception?
You need to first ask why you wish to heal others. Are they in need of your perception that they are unwell? Ask yourself deeply whether you have choosen that perception of others as a way of healing yourself. If you have concluded that your perception of others is the root of their plight, then it is surely time to consider shifting. Can you see that?

I see what you mean but I’m unsure exactly how to do it. How can I shift my perception to a point in which it is healing of others close to me?
You must first begin to feel yourself, or let yourself feel fully. Investigate what those feelings indicate to you, learn where they start and stop. These are the clues to the deep barriers you have set within yourself. Each event in you life is an opportunity to understand precisely what you need to at the time you experience a thing. Let yourself learn from each experience without the expectation of a certain outcome. The outcome is
actually always a reflection on the amount you are really willing to see. In that sense you cannot judge what is right or wrong for any given situation until you have realised why that situation has arisen for you and what you need to realise for it to occur in the first place.

How do i move from going back to the usual patterns in my life?
The patterns you experience, although following a predictable outcome are not as repititious as you believe. It’s movement marks point of recognition. You are not a machine but an evolving identity that serves a very precise connective purpose. The people around you, the events of your life, the circumstances you find yourself in reflect your current architecture. You are in fact the architect of that construction. When you have come to that realisation, things begin to appear as new. It is because in reality everthing that transpires, each moment to moment has never before occured. It is enitirely new, this is what is understood as life as a continous creation.

So again, at the core do we choose this creation of our lives?
Not entirely. From one point of view you choose what you perceive or more closer to the truth as much as you are willing to accept at this very point in time. From here you see things as a reflection of your own personal development. This perspective can take you only so far.

At a certain point the realisation that we are not the centre of this creation, but are more closely a participant, we begin to understand what connects us all is a power far greater than all the parts put together. Far greater than the concept of “oneness”. This is God and God is love. Without love nothing can be. The realisation that beyond what is possible from the development of your true self is the understanding that we are children of God’s love. As a child, we are again open to the reality beyond what we attempt to control. That reality is boundless. This reality is not a reality as such but a truth, which is God’s love continously and unaboundedly offered. It is only through a childklike perception that we are able to open our hearts to that gift.

Am i being too intellectual?
You are not being too anything. You can only be yourself, so your judgement about yourself as a way of knowing yourself misses the point. This in itself might be read as a judgement, however it is more so a limit on what you can grasp.

But I find that is how I present, so it’s why I question myself.
What is the source of your question? This is the question behind the question you ask. If the source of what you ask is to confirm a limited view of yourself, that is your current position and in a sense confirms it to be true. You are only ever what you have allowed yourself to be.

How then do I allow myself to be other than I am?
As soon as you ask your limitations are already in place. The desire to be other than who you are comes from a self belief that you are limited and need to be something more than who you are. This is version of yourself you are only willing to accept and this is precisely the experience you have. Does your question derive from love or arise from needing to confirm a self belief in error? Love is closer to an open question as it is always willing to discover an answer free from expectation.

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