There is a world that teaches people they are not valuable as they are, unless they become something other than who they are. Although, they can't appear they want to be other than who they are, as this makes them look weak and they need to look strong so others won't de-value them even further. The way they deal with this situation is by pretending to be happy, while being secretly unhappy because they can’t find a way to be anything other than who they are.

As time passes the belief that who they are is no good becomes so persistent that it is almost indistinguishable from who they are, almost.

The result is they become stuck in a perpetual and secret unhappiness. This unhappiness makes them dismiss or even worse destroy the things or the people that make them happy, aggravating the immediate problem for themselves and everyone else even further.

They keep this up throughout their lives and unknowingly pass the pretence on to their children making the cycle continue indefinitely. All the while, because they are so afraid others will see them for who they truly are, they fail to stand up and say:

“I am not afraid”

Are you afraid?

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