The conscious enterprise project

I was asked more about what it is and what sparked my interest…

I’ve had some time to reflect on what you asked. What sparked my interest was the idea that personal transformation is not an isolated event but more so occurs as part of a chain of events and/or threads of close relationships we have as human beings. Simply put, there is an untapped catalysing force for collective transformation right here in our day to day endeavours and I aim to be a part of bringing that into reality.

The difference I see in the terms enterprise and business is not only that the former is more inclusive of various initiatives but that it requires creative and conscious insights to effectively respond to change with new ideas / solutions that enliven us..

Making money is not really the focus but more so utilising money in a way that creates opportunities that can transform us all beneficially. So it’s about shifting focus from outcomes to process and beginning to phase out regressive practices that are justifiable by “means to an end” way of thinking. The interesting thing is that this type of thinking is now more than ever also bad business practice, because as the market (all of us) is becoming more aware, we naturally demand more conscious practices in business.

What I’m thinking though is not only that our businesses / group initiatives (enterprises) be responsive to change, but more so become creative and catalysing forces for change. This means the focus becomes about creating practices that enable and sustain the most impeccable consciousness not for later – but right now.

I’ve been involved in small group that has supports us all in this way – it’s called the Mastermind group and was put together by David Solomon. I would like to make this project a platform for others to create similar small groups (or enterprises) focused on supporting and uplifting those involved and potentially learning from a network of enterprises towards collective transformation.

So that’s what it is in a nutshell. Some big plans…

More info here:

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