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Here’s when a little comment, just went further (so thought I’d also make a post out of it)…

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There are a lot of people who are certain about what life is meant to be and it looks to me that what you say doesn’t steer too far away from this. Whether we say: “it’s our choice to make it easy” or “life is supposed to be about struggle” these statements are really two sides of the same coin and in many cases it will probably keep us stuck in the same rut.

If we have a choice – why would anybody choose a life against the grain of the universe? The idea that we are just ignorant of this choice is an easy answer – then it’s just a case of people not believing “hard” enough to make it happen. But first a question worth asking is “can I really know the way of the universe?” Can anybody from our limited human perspective tell anyone else the intent of the universe albeit god, the source or whatever name you prefer? It has to be somewhat presumptuous, don’t you think?

In some ways, I don’t contest a word you say but the thing is we are all gifted artists at setting up our own baits. The danger in this is because we are not in the position to know the deepest intent of life and what occurs within our lives, to assume we do will set us up for ongoing disappointments.

This brings up another dilemma that from a mindset of wanting to direct our life – aren’t we also denying it? That “grass is greener…” perspective, could do just the opposite of making us centred – segmenting us from ourselves and in effect driving us further away (not closer to an inner purpose).

When I ask “how can I change my reality” I automatically do this from a perspective that separates myself from my reality. This just makes me wonder what type of reality such a segmented mindset would create if he / she had this level of control… (really, don’t need to look too far to see the effect of that one)

So, there’s no point then?

You know, I wouldn’t be writing all this if I believed that.

Rather than striving to make life fit our contrived versions of happiness, fulfilment or whatever perfect life we can imagine, if we instead put all our focus into developing an increased openness to the natural fluctuations of it – the ups and downs of what our life actually is (not what it should be).

In any case, depending on what you believe – wouldn’t a more expanded awareness like this be platform of real change anyway?

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