Retweet unity superstars

After putting up this Retweet Unity post about a twitter list ( I’m putting together in order to promote. I was amazed at what these people are saying / doing inside and outside of Twitter.

Here’s a sample…

Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, Canada

Can you imagine a laughing bee buzzing in you head waiting for you to listen and when you do this bee stings you from the inside. The sting is not just an awareness shift, it’s a jolt. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is the bee his message is the sting (a love sting).

Archana Sharma, India

A ray of sunlight that seeks to bring light to truth with her heart of love

Mary Beijerinck, Australia

She is witness to the radiance of things around her as it reflects the radiance within her. Inner strength, love and honesty walk with her through her journey.

Reine Amodeo, New York

Poetry of essence, beyond the paradox of being grounded on earth while flying infinitely above it

John G Edwards, Canada

Poetical expressions of our nature just as it is – ONE

Chris White, Sydney

With an eye for moments that say everything that can’t be said with words, his vision creates clarity.

Heidi White, Australia

Destined to break through the hurdles life has thrown her, she is passionate and not afraid to stand up for the change needed to create a brighter future.

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