A dream last night

I had a strange dream last night. I met a woman who told me that no matter what person attacked her, she would not fall. A group of men heard this and the largest one decided to challenge her. Every attack the man made left him on the ground face down. Each fall was the same – she moved with his movements in a circular fashion leading him to lose his balance and fall.

The man gave up and not being injured asked her the source of her strength. She began beating a stick on the ground next to a burning fire and stated that it is the natural progression that follows knowing that if we can manipulate physical things, we can also manipulate energy.

She then said this:

The human species as a physical specimen once reached a point of perfection. At that point, the ability to become a vessel of universal energy was entirely accessible. This ability gave rise to a myriad of symbols representing the elements of universal energy. These symbols at first acted as doorways to higher levels of consciousness, but over time they also came to represent cultural distinctiveness. This confusion led to a complete reduction of accepted symbolic elements with only 4 remaining: earth, water, air, & fire. Each retained a creative and destructive essence.

As the feminine energy could align directly with the creative essence, the masculine energy required dominium as its only expression. This ultimately led to a linear evolution with destructive rather than creative tendencies.

At this point in time, human life has remained an expression of masculine energy. Feminine energy is required to bend the dominant masculine linearity into a circular evolutionary bearing. The archaic symbolic elements of universal energy need to be re-activated for this to occur.

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