#RT1 Retweet Unity

There’s a movement on Twitter with people putting out messages to remind us that we are not separate. These people have a vision of the world that’s not bound by race, country, religion, or any belief system that needs to distinguish itself from anything else.

By sharing our unique perspectives of unity we not only help raise our own awareness but are taking intentional steps to raise the awareness of the world. Every paradigm shift once started with a small step. One message has the potential to shift the world.

It’s not about promoting a particular ideology or arguing about definitions. It’s really more about seeking to:

  1. Find compassion and create understanding for what causes us suffering or what drives us apart
  2. Connect us through our shared experiences to light the way to unity

I want to help you with your vision

So I can help you, follow these simple steps:

  1. To be on the #RT1 Retweet Unity list, add your Twitter name on the comments below
  2. To be retweeted by me (& others), add #RT1 to your messages of unity

That’s it! But if you’d like to see it go even further…

Let’s grow the vision

  1. Follow and retweet messages from #RT1 Retweet Unity
  2. Send an invite to people you know share the same vision
    [ I’d like to spread your message of unity http://goo.gl/zia8 ]
  3. Never give up on what is uniquely important to you

I hope to retweet your messages very soon!

Kindness, @alkhemst

9 thoughts on “#RT1 Retweet Unity

  1. archie

    @archie229 its nice step to feel the feeling of We. Together we can and we will make a difference. All the best and thanks for invite.

  2. Heidi White @eggrings

    “oneness, sameness, agreement,” … Unity is defined as the state of being undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting…
    Thanx wikipedia
    And Thank you David @alkhemst. What a beautiful thought. Honestly, how hard is it to just “all get along?”
    Dear wishes

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