Who am I?

This I wrote at 18. I had just finished my first year at university.

Who am I?
I am you

Where do I originate?
From the heart of your thoughts

What do they think?
They dwell on your being but know almost nothing of your true being. They hold to impermanence as if trying to catch a sound and this catching you called “being”

What is being?
It is that it is

Where is it?
To fix it to a point, you first must detach it but it can’t be detached. Its nature is always unattached and for that reason it becomes unrecognizable to you.

Why am I miserable?
Who is miserable other than those who cannot see where misery springs?

Where does misery spring?
By attaching yourself to what cannot be, you detach yourself from your infinite nature and this is the birth of your sadness.

What should I do?
Eliminate what asserts its existence as dependent on thoughts, forms or actions. When you stop clinging to yourself, completion follows.

What if I understand but feel nothing new?
When you wish to feel something new, nothing new is felt. Ask yourself why do you need to feel a new sensation?

Because you attach yourself to things not of yourself, you begin to forget yourself. As you have forgotten yourself, you desire to know yourself but continually seek outwards. In this search for what you are convinced is lost, you seek out an experience removed from forgetfulness. As you have forgotten yourself, you assume that remembering this is something new. Yet what is constant cannot be new. If you understood that, you would not desire the impermanence of something new.

What is permanent?
That which is the root of change. As change is always present, it is also permanent and in this permanence, there is no change. I is always and being is likewise – always.

Who am I?
You are what you have always been and always will be. This is what you are. There is only I. Nothing else needs any concern, as concern is all that achieves.

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