Intent precedes will

Paul, a good friend of mine who has a direct and clear insight into what matters asked me what I meant by “intent precedes will”. In fact, I’ve never met Paul – or have I? and we’ve only exchanged a few words but the mutual understanding we share is deeper than the thousands of words exchanged with people I’ve met often. Instead of emailing my thoughts on this – I think it might be useful to share to a wider audience.

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‘Will’ is something closer to desire than intent. The power of our will is a very attractive thing. It plays out on the stage of other wills with an agenda of overpowering whatever stands in it’s way. It is attractive because the ultimate goal on the stage where we find ourselves is to shine or more like out-shine others. The belief in the strength of our will to do just that pampers our identity, secures it and ultimately freezes it. This necessitates freedom to snap us out from all this because we can’t shine or change anything with the will we handed so much of ourselves over to in the first place

Those of us hammering out personal affirmations only steer in a direction away from manifesting anything because we speak through will – and will seeks exactly that – an affirmation, an acknowledgement of it’s existence. Nothing much really happens here except a perpetual wait for something to happen. The creative force that manifests something from nothing, the metaphor of the virgin birth is not moved by will alone rather a will aligning itself with intent is what enables all possibilities. When will is aligned with intent, it dissolves anyway as does the beloved pampering of our concrete identities. We could say will is the remaining thread from that rope we call ‘ego’ – grasping and hanging by a failing grip, afraid of an enviable fall into that infinite abyss.

Is it a fall or a flight if there is no ground?

But this is all just an outer coating, in the same way our frozen identities are – a veneer that cracks and reveals what is happening all along. Intent precedes will because intent creates will as it creates the stage we play out on. But then again, if will is the ongoing creation of intent, how is it misaligned?

Overall these are just words that point to something not contained by the framework of words.

But simply put – an ant can’t drive a car but it’s been going in the same direction the ant wants to go all along.

An ant can't drive a car - Goddammit!

An ant can't drive a car - Goddammit!

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