A model of the universe and all matter

A day of awakening

Below is something I wrote when I was a teenager. It was about 16 years ago when something happened that shaped my thinking from that point on.

Reading it now,I see myself as I was – a different person with a different focus, who understood the experience – more so interpreted it through the context of a Catholic upbringing. Few people have read this but I thought it might be helpful for those who see things in the same context as I did when I wrote it.

This event sparked a spree of writings as a young adult that I have never made public. I present the first one here as I wrote it and hope you find something worthwhile in its message.

What Jesus means when he speaks about the Trinity is the opposites and the center. He came from the center to bring everyone to the understanding of all joining him to follow his experience of the infinite. In him was the desire to bring us to the united. The path we have to follow is divided into these three parts, this is what he meant by the Trinity and when we reach his level of understanding we will become all.

To become all, we must be bonded by love not hate because that is what drives us apart. It is not necessary to divide love from hate though, it is to understand that love will bring us to unison and all shall be one. I tell you all, we cannot worry about time because it has no relevance. The only relevance is that we have to exist on the same level to emerge to a final agreement that we are all part of one another. Everything exists in all, that is the Trinity.

Nietzsche’s message was to follow our instincts. Out instinct is to join or to become. He believed that we would evolve through evolution and become what he named the Superman. This superhuman with his or her higher instinct would obtain this level of understanding, exactly the same level as what Jesus perceived and invited us to be part of. Satan is the desire not to be part of existence, the separating of the whole into the individual, the desire or choice of destroying rather than creating.

But you must understand this is not a wrong doing or an evil act that is of no relevance. It is just a name given to a desire of separation. Satan is not an individual who wants everyone to burn into non-existence, rather just a metaphor of the desire of not understanding, of turning off the lights, of dismissing the sun. Darkness here and in others is portrayed as evilness or the realm of indecision because it is a metaphor describing a misunderstanding, an inability to see, to perceive, to understand the infinite in all.

It is not a question about a wrong way or a right way of doing anything. This is part of a misunderstanding. It is only a matter of all of us to come to a level of complete awareness. The understanding with the desire to love, to be or exist together, to be one and all. This is the knowledge of good and evil.

I am not a prophet or some individual who thinks I am going through some psychological delusions, who I am has no relevance. Possessing the need to know that is part of the desire of separation and not the desire for unison. I say this because that desire constitutes the categorizing of the individual – of believing we are not part of everything else, therefore believing we exist in separate realities.

This here is the point – we are not separate, we do not exist in different realities, we are all one and we come together sharing the desire to collaborate and join together in an understanding. Love is the desire to belong as we are:


When we die we are not in a different reality, not a heaven or a hell. We are not divided or judged into these categories. Here, there is still a need to reach an agreement in understanding through the desire of love – where love is to join or to combine the two opposites. This is why when we fall in love it is a natural stimulant – it is an experience or an expression of unison.

Here we stand back and breathe in awe, as becoming closer to the level of understanding or perception of all is a feeling of contentment and joy.

Evolution is the desire or expression of existing together. Knowledge is important to arrive one to a higher level of awareness, a level closer to the core. This is arrived at by love or the instinctive desire to exist as all in total unison. I say instinctive because all matter, in fact all which is part of existence desires unity (e.g. gravity, love – gravity and love are the same thing; they are the same desire for unison). Love desires union while hate desires separation.

A model of the universe and all matter

A model of the universe and all matter

This is the structure of the universe and all matter – matter being a symbol or a metaphor of its present state. The desire for unison is achieved when there is a collective understanding of awareness.

Do not trouble yourself with losing your identity in the whole as this is precisely what your identity is.

Darkness return the light
Have without having
all is gone
and gone is all
Seek and we will find
but do not seek what to find
but find yourself
yourself is I
yourself is all
that we must find.

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