do we really know what we want?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the basic premise of creating your own reality popularised by things like “the secret” – about how everyone can envision the life they want and all the sucess and happiness will just roll on in. The question I think worth asking is: “do we really know what we want?” 

Of course I do, yes more security, money, love etc. etc.

OK, lets imagine a world where everybody get exactly what they want – would conflict still exist? What if two people envisioned acquiring the same thing, say the love of another person,  a job position, that particular house on the beach – things that are kind of exclusive, not really up for sharing. What then? 

Easily resolved – each person shoots off into separte alternative realities and the conflict is all resolved.

I’m going to follow this logic futher whether its far fetched or not –  each reality has the person who gets what they want but in each alternative there’s still a dissapointed person. So really the conflict is not resolved. Also, I’d really need to be certain what I’m envisioning now is what I’ll be wanting in the future because if I did get this wrong I’d be setting my self up for dissapointment too. 

The thing with all this envisioning is it also leans at little on the side of avoidance – espace the difficult. However, the value in difficult situations is they tend to shake us up, move us to re-evalute, help us strip down to fundamentals allowing us to know ourselves more fully. Would I choose a difficult situation if I really had this level of  control? I doubt it – why would I? Unknowingly I’d also miss out on real opportuinities to grow.

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