Kerouac, Financial Crisis and forks

Was not the best time to ask for a pay rise, but I did and how did it go? We’ll it’s the financial crisis and a lot of people are losing jobs – some ready to jump off buildings, so no, not the best time.

I read something of Jack Kerouac’s writing style. Apparently he wrote “On the road” in 2 weeks. The basic style was a trust in the stuff that just comes out – so this is somewhat like this (forgive me if my thoughts jump a little)

Anyway, perhaps in times of strife in a climate of uncertainty – perhaps a trust in whatever life stuff comes our way is worth having. Why? We’ll a fear of uncertainty sure won’t bring certainty back.

There might be a good thing in such a fork in the road. Good opportunity to start something that the padding of security locked us away from. A business that offers simple cost-effective solutions is something that going hit off.

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