The choices we make while we’re here

Today I read something profound written in a blog by my Father. He doesn’t often talk about his deeper thoughts – he’s more likely to reminisce about funny situations or people than get into a discussion about the meaning of life or in this case what’s after life. Besides not always seeing eye to eye, I’ve always respected my Father’s quiet wisdom, humbleness and open heart that he never needed to put on display. So it didn’t surprise me when I asked my mother if he told her about the experience – “no, he didn’t say anything to me about it…”

I don’t really know what to say about it, other than I got shivers when I read it and it changed my outlook for the rest of day. It made me think about life – what might be after it, my past relatives – the choices I make while I’m here.

Soon I will have a son or daughter (I’ll know for sure in 4 days), I’d be happy to know that he or she would think of me in the same way.

Thanks Dad for sharing this.

1 thought on “The choices we make while we’re here

  1. deberigny

    Augustus, thanks for your remarks. I’m glad that you liked what I had written. Mum & I are anxious to hear your news but the main thing is the health of Maja and the little one. All the best old chap, Dad


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