Fulfilled is by following his mission?

Sitting at work right now, thinking about how to write a quick piece about some recent happenings in the corporate happiness musing space I have here. I’ve talked a bit on Deida before – he’s the guy who likes the idea of gender poles remaining obvious – a man is most happy moving towards the archetypal man (but being a man doesn’t necessarily make you inclined towards that archetype and vice-versa – you could be a woman trapped inside a man’s body for instance).

But not to confuse things further, here’s a short summary (from the man’s perspective): The way the male is fulfilled is by following his mission, a personal quest that moves him towards his uniqueness as a person. In other words, the very thing that sets one apart (might be things that rub the wrong way out in the open plains of society) should be pursued with a fire in the belly.

But in the real world of responsibility, finding time to pursue this uniqueness ( where is this anyway?) seems a task for the privileged. Anyway, Deida still acknowledges the importance of at least 1 hr a day of dedication – that’s good news for me.

So I’ve been attempting this.

Here’s whats happening so far:


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