Collaboration karma

3MA have put together a competition around this very blog, so there’s a little incentive to post some comments and its always nice to win some stuff.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on these topics – maybe personal experiences about getting by at work, or something philosphical, perhaps just let me know (kindly or not) that I’m full of it!

Whatever you like really…

Here’s the extract from the latest 3MA newsletter that explains it more:

“We want these tips to be shared, experienced and viewed by as many people as possible, to help us achieve this, we’re giving away two tickets to this year’s Melbourne Cup to the person who makes the best contribution to our blog. This will be judged by the most follow-on comments and the best comment by way of insight.

If you needed another fantastic incentive to visit our blog, all throughout May we are giving anyone who comments on the blog $5 per hour off their next visit if they book and pay for their session before May 30th.”

1 thought on “Collaboration karma

  1. deberigny

    A very interesting blog, people should not need incentives to comment but incitements might spur them on. I know how hard it is to get comments on a blog, for example, on my blog I had 170 clicks once but no comments. Good luck!


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